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Continuous forms processing and mailing room equipment

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High quality, great performance and easy to service. The Spedo range of forms cutters is unrivaled in the industry.

Spedo 2600 Machine
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The Spedo 9700 Slitter Merger. Highest quality, excellent performance.

Spedo 9700 Machine
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Web Buffers

The Spedo 9400 Web Buffer will take control of your high speed printer and cutter to ensure the smoothest print flow possible.

Spedo 2400 Web Buffer Machine
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The Spedo 8100 Conveyor Stacker - designed for both off and on-line applications.

Spedo 8100 Machine
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Spedo 7400 Unwinder that fully integrates into your existing Spedo print finishing line.

Spedo 7400 Unwinder
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Automatic handwriting solutions for personalised applications, mailings, certificates, invitation and greeting cards etc..

Spedo Universelle Machine

Welcome to Spedo UK

Spedo manufacture, supply and provide service support via national and international distributors for its range of forms cutters, slitter mergers, stackers, other ancillary forms processing, handling and print finishing equipment and spare parts.

Our complete product range and full technical service and support can be supplied directly from our manufacturing base in the United Kingdom or via our network of international distributors.


We manufacture from the highest quality components to deliver the best systems in the business.


Our systems are built to last, ensuring your business runs like clockwork.


Our customers trust us to deliver outstanding service and support on all our systems.

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